Treat each day like it's your last!

Let Pow(R) Performance help you reach your goals and set new ones!

Welcome to Pow(R) Performance Gym

Pow(R) Performance Gym is committed to every clients success. We believe our experience, positive training environment, high level coaching and step by step approach will have each of our clients reaching their goals and making new ones.
With over 10 years of nutrition and training experience there isn't a lot we have not seen. Let our years in the trenches help you reach and surpass your expectations.
High level coaching:
Coaching you can't just find anywhere. We believe in making every rep count. Our clients are always performing at their best every set, every rep, every time!
Positive training environment:
Working with like-minded people and coaches that care, makes our gym the perfect place to grow.
Step by step:
Our one step at a time motto is key to continuous progress. Simply put, life is the moment. We help our clients make better decisions in and out of the gym leading them closer to their goals and helping to set new ones.

Communication, application and continuous improvement
At Pow(R) Performance Gym we strive to create a high quality environment dedicated to continuous improvement for our clients and ourselves. By using communication and proven systems we service our clients at the highest level possible. We believe client loyalty stems from accurate, punctual and proper integration of our training, behavioral and nutrition methods.

At Pow(R) Performance Gym we will continue to strive to create the highest quality environment possible that is dedicated to continuous improvement for our clients and ourselves.

We will empower you with the proper methods to help you achieve your definition of ultimate health and wellness.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Where is the facility located? 41100 Plymouth Rd. Plymouth MI. Double doors are on west side of building right at the corner.  
What are their prices?
We have training options to fit every budget. We will assess every potential new client (FREE) for their skill level and needs and help create a plan that is custom fit. Starting at $99, we offer Yoga, group training, pain programs including laser and massage therapy, nutrition counsel and semi/private training options for every skill level.
Do they have memberships? We offer an executive membership that includes an assessment and program design to meet both your needs and goals.  IE we design workouts for you and you do them on your own at our facility or on you own at home or another gym.
How does someone sign up? We can quickly and efficiently get anyone signed up with an email to powrperformancetraining@gmail.com or stopping into the facility and signing up with our staff.
What if I have pain? Managing and improving your pain is the cornerstone to Pow(R) Performance Gym. By implementing stretching, meditative breathing, soft tissue management to every program we will help you better understand your bodies needs and most importantly the difference between general exercise and movements that are customized to you and your needs/capabilities. 
I don’t have a lot of experience. Can I still train there? Every client at PPGym is progressed from where they are to where they want to go. With our FREE evaluation we can develop a plan that improves your strengths while eliminating or improving any/all deficiencies. We are always right here right now.
What if I need nutrition help?
Most people move and feel poorly due to nutritional habits. By creating healthy solutions for improving your behaviors, mindset and the foods you eat, we can fast track you to a new healthier version of yourself. Creating a well-rounded program for each member is our promise. 
What if I want to bring a friend?
The more the merrier! We will assess your friend on the spot (proper scheduling necessary) and introduce our product to them anytime (schedule it with any of our coaches). 
Are there group training options?
YES!! We have added over a dozen “Drop-In” and group options each week including body weight classes, yoga and kettle bell workshops (must be evaluated first). This allows you get a safe introduction to training while fitting your schedule.
Do they have Yoga classes?
YES! Yoga w/Bee is a very well coached class offering that “reset” we all need. Midday, morning and evening times all are available. Can’t make a class time? You can create a custom day and time. All you need is 4 or more people and we can accommodate. 
Can they work with athletes? Athletic teams?
Absolutely we can and do! We specialize in assessing our athletes and team needs for pre/during and post season for any sport. 
Do they offer massage? Yes! Julie May is a Bowen massage therapist. Bowen has a high success rate in relieving pain, long term, by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Addressing the whole body through the ANS, lets our bodies find its own healthy state. Bowen can be compared to rebooting the body’s computer system. 
What if I want to participate in different options? Can I do them all? We can create a customized plan for anyone looking to participate in multiple athletic and healing modalities. Our unlimited package (up to 5 sessions weekly) is our most popular package. Let us help you find a solution best for you. 
I don’t want to get too big and I heard lifting weights will make you look bulky. Can they create a plan that helps me stay lean and not get too big? Whether or not you will get bigger muscles (hypertrophy) depends on three basic factors: genetics, gender and training intensity. Genetics is mostly manifested as muscle fiber type; people with predominantly fast-twitch fibers acquire larger muscles more easily than people with predominantly slow-twitch fibers. In relation to gender, males acquire larger muscles than females do, because males have greater amounts of testosterone and other sex hormones that influence protein metabolism (Tipton 2001). Thus, females experience less muscle hypertrophy with strength improvement than males do (Lewis et al. 1986). Training intensity is the only factor you can control.

Can we work with children? Families? Groups? Our specialized semi-private model allows up to 5 clients to one coach while still ensuring quality for each individual. Children around the age of 10 are definitely mature enough to get started on their healthy journey.
Do we offer corporate wellness?
We are staffed and ready to take on your corporate wellness needs (coming fall 2017). We are preparing a program for up to 100 employees that will surely cut down on sick days and massively improve team unity and production. Our wellness packages will feature group training, yoga classes, nutrition seminars, monthly newsletters, high level coaching and a promise… Our promise to prove that better health does yield wealth. 
How often should I work out? Being physically active should be as often as possible. Now that doesn’t mean you have to come to the gym every day but we encourage you to move well and move often. Outside of our in house training, we can provide you with home workouts that are ready when you are. We leave no rock left unturned. 
Can they help with fat loss?
The simple (and complex) answer is that “it depends”. Each client will respond differently to any training or nutrition program. Your goal is our goal. By using multiple energy systems (aerobic, lactic, anaerobic) and meal planning/supplement variations, we will find the best way to keep you progressing regardless of your goal.
Both strength training and endurance exercise have been shown to decrease body fat percentage. A combination of endurance and strength training results in more fat loss than either exercise regimen alone (Dolezal & Potteiger 1998), possibly because clients who perform both activities spend more time exercising.  
Do they have cardio equipment? Yes! You are the most valuable piece of equipment for you that there is. By teaching you more about you, you will be given the tools necessary for self-mastery in the art of human excellence.

Do they sell nutritional supplements? Should I take nutritional supplements? Yes and Yes! Most humans lack more than 50% of the necessary vitamins and minerals to live healthy. We are prepared for any deficiency.