Athlete Training

Athlete Training

Pow(R) Performance Gym is dedicated to building a strength, conditioning and injury prevention program around each athlete and his or her body type and needs. To keep our athletes balanced and healthy we assess each individual to familiarize ourselves with his or her movement ability, potential and risk for injury so they can play longer and at a higher skill level.

ATHLETE PERFORMANCE TRAINING:  Athlete performance training programs prepare athletes to get the most out of their bodies by increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility, leading to increased productivity in practice and in games while decreasing the risk of injury. All athletes are closely supervised as the coaches take them through an intense workout with attention always being paid to proper technique and safety.

Performance training programs for individuals, small groups and teams are available year-round to help support your athlete in reaching their performance goals, and available for the following sports: Football, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Track & Field, Field Hockey, Swimming, Rugby and more.  

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